Dr.Khaled Ali Beshr BDS,MSc.PhD A.Prof of Endodontics

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-Work shop &hands on access cavity (molar teeth) -Work shop &hands on (rotary instrumentation& 3D Obturation)

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• Art of diagnosis in endodontics • How to select accurate cases & avoid hopeless cases • Tips&tricks during access cavity (anteriors, premolars, molars) • How to manage pulp chamber calcifications • How to manage patients with limited mouth opening • How to manage cases with minimal clinical crown • How to manage cases with full coronal coverage • How to deal with difficult cases during access cavity • Achieve proper glide path and straight line access • How to locate missed canals How to determine accurate working length How to determine accurate working width 3D irrigation of root canals Role of intra canal medication to disinfect root canal Traditional instrumentation techniques& its drawbacks Rotary Ni Ti files (history & advantages over manual files) How to avoid fracture of rotary Ni Ti files. Reciprocation vs rotation. Clinical guidelines of rotary Ni Ti files Traditional obturation technique & its drawbacks 3D Obturation technique

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