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Course description: This is a comprehensive clinical oriented endodontic program designed to help general practioners to up grade their clinical skills .the program focus on clinical orientation of endodontic subjects to enable candidate understanding and optimize their clinical decisions, on basis of the best up to date evidence-based research, in order to achieve predictable successful treatment outcomes. The program enables participants to expand their endodontic knowledge and skills to be able to provide comprehensive endodontic care to their patients. The program consists of 4 modules. Each module is 3 days long. The modules comprise of lectures and practicals (hands-on) Training delivered by academic expert. The course offers the participants a chance to obtain a Certificate in Clinical oriented Endodontics program from Saudi commission for health specialties with regards to CME points Target audience: GP Dentists and other Specialist Dentists

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Programs Goals The main goals of the program are: • learn the scientific and clinical basis of endodontics • develop clinical skills for candidates • Give candidate confidence to take on simple and complex endodontic cases. Program Benefits Increase levels of confidence and self-belief in the candidate and to teach them excellence in dental techniques so that they can achieve their career ambitions. Increase your income: up-skill now and give yourself the opportunity to generate more income. Performing just one extra treatment a month could mean that the course pays for itself. Gain the confidence to open your own private practice and stop referring high-value work elsewhere.

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*رسوم الاشتراك أ – رسوم الدراسة 2000 الفان ريال قسط شهري ب- رسوم التسجيل 1500 ريال .