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The aims of this course are to: ● give you a comprehensive introduction to periodontology in both non-surgical and surgical therapy, emphasising the biologic and clinical concepts through clinical cases backed with evidence based approaches ● further your understanding of the importance of periodontics and its role in daily clinical practice as well as in multidisciplinary settings ● further your understanding of treatment planning and management of patients with periodontal diseases, including implant as an option in patients with history of periodontal diseases ● improve/sharpen your clinical skills in diagnostic, non-surgical and surgical aspects of periodontology

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The comprehensive perio course will consist of 5 modules and 3 workshops

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*رسوم الاشتراك أ – رسوم الدراسة 2000 الفان ريال قسط شهري ب- رسوم التسجيل 1500 ريال .